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The HO RacePro Slide Guide©

The Slide Guide is the "heart" of the HO RacePro racing philosophy. It allows HO slot cars to be raced in a manner that truly places the emphasis on driver skill, with the freedom of track building methods previously available only to those racing larger scale cars.

The Slide Guide is like a miniature guide flag (as found on 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars), which allows standard HO cars to be converted to run on routed tracks with tape or braid conductors, or 1/32 and 1/24 plastic track. (A special version of the Slide Guide is also available to allow 'slider' racing even on standard tracks!) The Slide Guide replaces the standard pin and pickups on an HO slot car with a single unit that serves both functions.

Installation is quick and simple, and easily reversable if desired!

How does it work?

Very simply! The pickup shoes and springs, along with the guide pin, are removed from the chassis. The Slide Guide fits into the existing guide pin hole in the chassis and is retained by a small plastic retainer ring. Wires are soldered to the regular pickup mounts and the other ends are threaded through the Slide Guide to function as the pickup medium (like braided pickups on large-scale cars). A side benefit of the Slide Guide system is that the power feed to the motor is direct - no reliance on springs or pivot points to carry power!

What cars does it work on?

Slide Guides are available for Tomy, Tyco/Mattel, and LifeLike cars. The two basic Slide Guide units that support these cars differ only in the diameter of the pivot post. In addition to being fittable to production cars, they are also perfect for custom chassis designs!

Can I use the Slide Guide on regular plastic HO track?

Although originally designed for routed tracks or 1/32 and 1/24 home tracks, a new "Standard Track" Slide Guide is available for use with the narrower slots found on standard HO rail-equipped tracks.

Will I become addicted to Slide Guide racing?


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