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Since its inception, HO RacePro has strived to develop a segment of the HO slot racing hobby that combines the popular attraction of small scale with the positive characteristics of larger scales. It began with the HO RacePro 'Slide-Guide', a product that allowed standard HO slot cars to run on large scale routed tracks using tape or braid conductors. The result was a hybrid car, exhibiting many of the characteristics of large scale slot cars but the same size as regular HO cars. The cars became known as 'Sliders' - cars that needed to be "driven", not aimed, and cars that reacted in a more prototypical fashion. The next logical step was to produce custom routed tracks, sized for HO scale cars and thus making the 'Slider' experience available to home and club HO racers. After building dozens of tracks, the popularity and success of the original concept was well established. It was inevitable that HO RacePro would then continue to advance the newest segment of HO slot racing by introducing its own custom-crafted cars. The 'Rattler' was the first of these and, in its latest incarnation (the Mark 2), has become respected around the world as a top-notch performer. Now, HO RacePro has a new offering - the 'Wingmaster Sprint'. This car brings the formerly unavailable excitement of American sprint car racing to HO scale tracks!

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