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HO RacePro's "MagPro" Prototype!

Let it never be said that HO RacePro doesn't strive to innovate! Although names like "MagPro" and "Blackbird" are circling around this latest project like code names from the halcyon days of Detroit prototyping, it is the physical chassis that warrants attention!

Employing a scratchbuilt tube-and-wire frame, reminiscent of classic large-scale chassis, and incorporating adjustable neodymium traction magnets, the prototype MagPro chassis was conceived. As can be seen, this is a very clean and functional design that shows great potential as a strong performer in the magnet car arena.
Stainless tubing and piano wire are the basic materials of the frame. A key feature is that the motor is used as a structural component to increase strength and rigidity.

The guide mount is made from piano wire, and is also semi-flexible. It can be tweaked up and down to adjust the ride height of the Slide Guide. You will also notice the guide mount is slightly triangulated, to provide sideways rigidity, and it mounts to the frame tube directly in front of the motor, so a head-on impact will be transmitted directly to the strongest and most massive part of the chassis.

The inline position of the motor provides some magnetic downforce, but the prime feature of this car is its adjustable traction magnets. While most magnet cars rely on tire diameters to achieve the desired downforce level, the MagPro chassis can be tuned by simply adjusting the traction magnet screws! By removing tire diameter from the downforce equation, greater set-up freedom is provided. Any ride height and tire diameter can be chosen, since the downforce level can be adjusted independently.

Some key features of the HO RacePro "MagPro" chassis:

- Narrow Slide Guide, Wired for Standard Track
- BSRT Motor, with Shifted Armature Shaft
- Wizzard Sponge-Silicone Tires, with Cut-Down Hubs
- Precision Drawn Stainless Steel Tubing Frame, with Piano-Wire Guide Mount
- 'Tweakable' Front Axle and Guide Mount
- Steel-Reinforced Silver-Bearing Solder Joints
- Independent Front Wheels
- Neodymium Traction Magnets, with Infinitely Adjustable Height
- Self-Centering Rear Axle Bushings
- Pin-Tube Mounts for Vacuum-Formed Body

Although not yet in production, the future for this chassis is very promising. Stay tuned for further MagPro development news!

Acknowledgement:   Inspiration for the design of this chassis is due in part to the efforts of Deane Walpole and his Project Scorpio. Further info on Deane's project can be found in the HO World archives at: Project Scorpio

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