Track Testing the Aurora Super II

The Aurora Super II was perhaps an ill-conceived car destined to a quick obsolescence by virtue of its timing, if nothing more. At three times the price of its predecessors, it also met with considerable resistance from the buying public. But regardless of its market success, the Super II was an intriguing car and is still worthy of attention by HO enthusiasts today.

As part of his "HO Proving Ground" series, Ed Bianchi's review of the Super II appeared in the January 1973 issue of Car Model, one of the leading publications of the period. The article was a feature piece, warranting a banner on the magazine's cover.

The entire 7 page article is presented here as scans of the original magazine pages. The images are necessarily large to preserve readability, so please be patient with page loading times. Navigation links are at the bottom of each page.

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